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Welcome to Östgötateatern!

Drama, of both foreign and domestic origin; theatre for children and youth, and for the past 30 years a strong tradition of musical theatre, has been the hallmark of the Östgötateatern.

Sweden’s largest regional theatre, Östgötateatern, offers a broad repertoire of both Swedish and international plays for everyone - from classics to newly written.

Östgötateatern is publicly funded with the assignment to produce theatre for all citizens in Region Östergötland at the highest artistic level. Östgötateatern are known for our musicals and contemporary circus. Also, the youth scene, ung scen/öst, are known as one of Sweden's pioneering stages within performing arts for children and young people.

Östgötateatern collaborates with schools, other institutions and free theatre groups. We have an extensive collaboration at national level, with guest performances and tours. At Östgötateatern there is room for conversations and meetings, analysis and insight, entertainment and laughter, experience and reflection.

The heart of our theatre consists of our permanent ensemble, which is backed by our long-term committed actors. During the year, we are also visited by several other actors and artists, depending on what the repertoire looks like. To get new impulses and inspiration, we engage different directors and stage designers. The mission is for theatrical art to be developed through innovative productions that reflect society and attract both experienced theatre-lovers and new audience groups.


Buildings and venues

Östgötateatern have two beautiful Art Nouveau style theatre buildings in both Linköping and Norrköping. 2019 we also opened a new experimental scene, X-scenen, in Norrköping. The autumn of 2020 the turn has come to Linköping to get their own X-scenen.

ung scen/öst have their own venue in Linköping and when visiting Norrköping you find them at Teater Bråddgatan 34.



Every year about 100 000 people visit Östgötateatern. About 20-30 small and large productions are staged in our buildings and plays between 700-1000 times. Östgötateatern has about 100 permanent employees. If we count all the extras involved, we can be as many as 315 people during a year.


Scenkonst Öst was formed on January 1, 2016. The company consists of the Norrköping Symphony Orchestra (SON) and Östgötateatern with ung scen/öst, both iconic institutions with long history.

The overall assignment for Scenkonst Öst is to deliver performing arts of high artistic quality and breadth for all ages and to ensure the long-term high quality of the performing arts and other culture in the region. The owners' objectives are also that Scenkonst Öst will work to ensure that culture reaches more people and thereby contribute to strengthening the county's attractiveness.

Scenkonst Öst AB is owned by Region Östergötland together with Norrköping and Linköping municipalities. CEO is Pia Kronqvist and theater director is Nils Poletti, with Fanny Twardomanski as head of production.

Scenkonst Öst, with its wide range of programs, attracts visitors both inside and outside the region. High-profile tours, exciting public activities, award-winning recordings, unique studio and workshop production contributes to the national and international marketing of the county.